Friday, January 20, 2017

Rebel Pathfinders

Rebel Pathfinders:

Base Figure - TBS Cassian Andor
Head & Helmet - Elite Force Marine Force Recon Grunt
Pouches added to the belt were cut from the Saga Rebel Trooper belt

Base Figure- TBS Cassian Andor
Head - Elite Force Army Rangers Bull
Helmet - Saga Rebel Trooper
Pouches added to the belt and jacket were cut from the Saga Rebel Trooper belt

Thursday, September 8, 2016

9/8/2016 Underworld Gangster

Underworld Gangster:

  • Arms/Torso/Legs - TVC Bom Vimdan
  • Head - BS Mace Windu (with sculpted hair)
  • Jacket/Belt - OTC Vintage Luke Skywalker
I had to sand down the waist in order to fit the belt over the jacket and torso.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

7/7/2016 Nikto Gunslinger

This is an older custom of mine.  Nikto gunslinger:

  • Head/Hands - Saga AOTC Nikto Jedi
  • Torso/Arms/Legs - ROTS Agen Kolar with additional sculpting to create the jacket
  • Boots - Saga ANH Djas Puhr
  • Belt - VOTC Han Solo

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

7/5/2016 Underworld Smuggler

It's been awhile since I delved into customizing Star Wars action figures.  I am getting back into the hobby after much time off.  My focus right now is to work on underworld and galactic denizens.  Here is one that I recently completed:

  • Torso/Arms/Legs - Biggs Darklighter (Tosche Station)
  • Head - Sephjett Josall with sculpted hair
  • Belt - McQaurrie Concept Luke Skywalker